February 1, 2017

About Us

CICSA is the governing body for Canadian collegiate level sailing.  Our mission is simple: to promote sailboat racing at the collegiate level in Canada.

Here is our revised and updated bylaws and constitution (revised November 15, 2017).

Here is our performance ranking system, used to determine the winner of the CICSA Cup (revised August 21, 2018).

2018 Board of Directors

President: Nathan Drezner, McGill University

Vice-President: Catherine Hackwell, University of British Colombia

Secretary: Daniel Sheedy, Queens University

Treasurer: Jeff Morris, Queens University

Team Development: Meghan Graham, University of Toronto

Competitions and Scheduling: Tristan Thompson, Royal Military College

Fundraising: Vacant (formerly Sarah Parolin, Wilfred Laurier University)

Communications: Brian Rebec, University of Ottawa


To view previous boards of directors, click here.