March 6, 2017


2017 Awards

The winners of the 2017 annual CICSA Awards are:

Landon Gardner Volunteer Award: Zac Baum, 1st year of Masters from Queens

Zac devoted a substantial amount of time to CICSA as development officer on the board. Between fixing unforeseen issues with the performance ranking system and tightening up the Constitution, Zac’s attention to detail will help sustain and grow CICSA for years to come. Furthermore, Zac continued to work on the development of the Queen’s Sailing Team as co-President, and looks to further better the team in both Canadian and American leagues as recently-elected co-President for 2018.

Coach of the Year: Todd Ward from RMC

Todd Ward is highly deserving as CICSA Coach of the Year in not only his exceptional involvement in the development of RMC and UNB, but also in his involvement in CICSA and the sailing community. Todd helped facilitate the 2017 CICSA mid-winter regatta in Florida and has been a constant champion for collegiate sailing in Canada and the production of high-performance sailors in Canada.

Skipper of the Year Female: Renee Torrie, 4th year from McGill

Renee’s passion and deftness for sailing is rivaled only by her unparalleled commitment to her team. As a racer, an executive, and an invaluable friend, Renee will be missed by the teammates who have had the privilege of knowing her over the past 4 years.

Skipper of the Year Male: Zac Baum, 1st year of Masters from Queens

Throughout his years at Queen’s, Zac skippered for countless CICSA events. Always thinking, Zac consistently outplayed others at Team Racing Nationals several years in a row. This year, Zac won every event he participated in, with specifically strong performances at Team Racing Nationals and the Can/Am Cup.

Crew of the Year Female: Emma Blackburn, 4th year from McMaster

As the current president of the McMaster Sailing Team, Emma Blackburn as played an influential role in the team’s recent success both on and off the water. During her 4 years as a member of the team she has competed in many CICSA events, and most recently contributed to the teams third place finish in the overall rankings.

Crew of the Year Male: Marc De Verteuil, 2nd year from Queens

Marc is an outstanding and dedicated crew who competed in a several CICSA events for Queen’s University this season. Placing 1st overall at the Can/Am Cup and calling tactics at Team Race Nationals he performed exceptionally in all situations.

Team of the Year: Laurier

Despite being only four years old, the Laurier Sailing Team has managed to achieve considerable success in a short amount of time. In 2016, they placed second at keelboat nationals and qualified for the Student Yachting World Cup. In 2017, they represented Canada at SYWoC 2017. Qualifying for the regatta was a huge accomplishment on its own and the team is very proud of their 6th place finish.

Congratulations to everyone!

2016 Awards

In lieu of our annual general meeting, we are pleased to announce the following recipients of the annual CICSA Awards!

Landon Gardner Volunteer Award: Brendan Puddington from RMC

Coach of the Year: Christian Greenfield from Laurier

Skipper of the Year Female: Christina Black from Queens

Skipper of the Year Male: Will Jones from Queens

Crew of the Year Female: Katrina Greenfield from Laurier

Crew of the Year Male: Tristan Chauvin Bosse from McGill

Team of the Year: Queen’s University

Congratulations to everyone!

2015 Awards

After a productive and insightful Annual General Meeting, we are pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 CICSA awards.

New Team of the Year: University of Waterloo Sailing Team

Female Skipper: Renee Torrie of McGill

Male Skipper: Alex Doyle of Laurier

Female Crew: Jess Horne of McGill

Male Crew: Sean Magee-Saxton of Queen’s

Coach of the Year: Marie-Pier Alary for UBC

Landon Garner Volunteer of the Year award: RMC Sailing Team

Congratulations to all!

2014 Awards

The following are the winners of the 2014 CICSA Awards:

Landon Gardner Volunteer of the Year Award: Stephanie Steerman

Coach of the Year: Rob Frost

Skipper of the Year (Female): Jeanne Currie

Skipper of the Year (Male): Marcus Swarska

Crew of the Year (Female): Ashley Burns

Crew of the Year (Male): Sean Magee-Saxton

New Team of the Year: Laurier Sailing Team