September 26, 2018

Previous Boards of Directors

2018 Board of Directors

President: Nathan Drezner, McGill University

Vice-President: Catherine Hackwell, University of British Colombia

Secretary: Daniel Sheedy, Queens University

Treasurer: Jeff Morris, Queens University

Team Development: Meghan Graham, University of Toronto

Competitions and Scheduling: Tristan Thompson, Royal Military College

Fundraising: Vacant (formerly Sarah Parolin, Wilfred Laurier University)

Communications: Brian Rebec, University of Ottawa

2017 Board of Directors

President: Nathan Drezner

Vice President: Brendan Puddington

Secretary: Daniel Sheedy

Treasurer: Jeff Morris

Team Development: Zac Baum

Competitions and Scheduling: Owen Dunkley

Fundraising: Sarah Parolin

Communications: Laurence Emery


2016 Board of Directors

President: Malich Altman (initially Geordie Miller)

Vice President: Andries Feder (initially Ellen Whitehouse-Vaux)

Secretary: Maxwell Paige

Treasurer: Jeff Morris (initially Isabella Mira)

Team Development: Elly Kuhn (stepped down in early October, 2016; initially Hanno Kite-Powell).

Competitions and Scheduling: Brendan Puddington (initially Sam Thompson)

Fundraising: Isaiah Reisman-Tremonte

Communications: Liam Roberts


2015 Board of Directors

President: Elizabeth Krock

Vice President and Procedural Officer: Geordie Miller

Secretary: Mark Bancroft

Treasurer: Cameron Wyndham

Competitions and Scheduling: Alex Smyth

Team Development Officer: Andries Feder

Fundraising: Izzy Mira